Sub-tropical boulevard proposal to fill missing link

Developers and landscape and urban designers have combined forces to create a plan which aims to transform Skyring Terrace into one of the city’s great sub-tropical boulevards.

The scheme envisages an extensive tree planting program with uplighting, fairy lights, a watering system, short term car parking and an improvement in pedestrian access, crossings and intersections throughout the precinct.

It also extends to Longland Street with proposals for tree planting and changes to regulations to allow some short term street parking.

 These developers are hopeful of recovering something of the original but diminishing master plan benefits that were loudly proclaimed when the Newstead Riverpark precinct was first announced.

The Newstead Riverpark area which has been progressively remediated and developed since 2001, largely includes the Gasworks Shopping Centre, Mirvac’s residential precinct Waterfront and the associated parklands connecting through to the Brisbane riverfront.

However the area of most concern is the area with most activity – bounded by Skyring Terrace, Wyandra St, and Longland St, and centered around the successful Gasworks Shopping Centre.

The plan is currently being considered by the Brisbane City Council.

Damian Thompson, a director with design studio Lat27, has been closely involved with the scheme and sees it as a huge plus for the precinct.

An urban designer and landscape architect, Mr Thompson says the area along Skyring Terrace between Ann Street and Macquarie Street is a missing link from an urban design perspective.

“What we’re after is to make good on the original master plan for the city going back many years,” he said.

“The aim is to create one of the great memorable, walkable precincts on the river in the city.

“The big picture is about having connected neighbourhoods where residents can wander through and leave their car at home,” he says.

“We want to create one of the city’s great sub-tropical boulevards but these things take time.”

Mr Thompson says another aim of the plan is to make the streets as safe as possible. “There’ll be so many people living there in the future, wandering around, going to new places for lunch or coffee and some of the intersections are a little hairy so prioritising pedestrian and cyclist movement at the key intersections is also part of it,” he says.

John Carfi, Mirvac’s Head of Residential, said the company had a long-standing involvement through the development of the Waterfront, Newstead, masterplan and was “here to drive the continued beautification and improvements to the Newstead Riverpark Precinct wherever we can.”

“We are extremely committed to ensuring the best outcomes are achieved not only in the short-term, but for the longevity of the area, and the Friends of Newstead Riverpark are here to achieve that,” Mr Carfi said.

One Response to “Sub-tropical boulevard proposal to fill missing link”
  1. cyal8m8 says:

    This just highlights the massive failure by local council to enforce the masterplan for the area. It is so bad that the developers are banding together to deliver a precinct that actually has street level engagement. Gasworks fails and has set a dangerous precedent by turning its back on the streets and creating a dangerous environment for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles as they swing around skyring tce.

    Good on the developers and LAT27 to have the forethought to get ahead of the game & extend the street engagement that Vernon Tce & Maquarie Street excel at over Skyring Tce & Gasworks.

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