River for the people, bar none

By Mike O’Connor

Easy access to the river is one of the defining features of life in Teneriffe.

Its river walk is enjoyed by people from all over the city with significant public funds spent in constructing and maintaining it.

What a shame it would be, then, if the commercial interests of a few were to impinge upon the simple pleasures of many.

It’s an issue raised by a proposal to be put to the owners of apartments in Mactaggarts Place, the riverfront complex in Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe, at their body corporate’s annual general meeting on May 5.

It asks them for approval to spend $30,000 to “fence and landscape the northern grounds…’’

An explanatory note states that “the northern grounds area is currently not utilised for the benefit of the body corporate and it is proposed to develop the grounds and provide further pergola and BBQ areas for residents’ use enhancing the value of Mactaggarts for the benefit of all owners”.

The public has long enjoyed access from Vernon Terrace to the riverwalk on a pathway between the apartment complex and its car park.

Surely it is not the intention of the body corporate to fence this off and bar river access to the public?

I contacted Mactaggarts Place manager Martyn Tiller who refused to comment, demanding instead to know who had told me of the proposal, a demand I refused.

Asked to deny that it was intended to fence off the river access, he said: “I won’t make a comment either way.”

Asked if he was prepared to say that the resolution referred to the pathway and its attendant grassy areas along the river he said: “No. Unless you’re prepared to tell me who approached you.”

Teneriffe is about the river. Any attempt to limit access to the public should be resisted, if that is the intent here.

If it’s not, then surely there is no harm in saying so.

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  1. M Shelton says:

    One wonders what the real issue to be resolved really is?
    We can’t keep abandoning people in New Farm park either.

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