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Sub-tropical boulevard proposal to fill missing link

Developers and landscape and urban designers have combined forces to create a plan which aims to transform Skyring Terrace into one of the city’s great sub-tropical boulevards.

The scheme envisages an extensive tree planting program with uplighting, fairy lights, a watering system, short term car parking and an improvement in pedestrian access, crossings and intersections throughout the precinct.

It also extends to Longland Street with proposals for tree planting and changes to regulations to allow some short term street parking.

 These developers are hopeful of recovering something of the original but diminishing master plan benefits that were loudly proclaimed when the Newstead Riverpark precinct was first announced.

The Newstead Riverpark area which has been progressively remediated and developed since 2001, largely includes the Gasworks Shopping Centre, Mirvac’s residential precinct Waterfront and the associated parklands connecting through to the Brisbane riverfront.

However the area of most concern is the area with most activity – bounded by Skyring Terrace, Wyandra St, and Longland St, and centered around the successful Gasworks Shopping Centre.

The plan is currently being considered by the Brisbane City Council.

Damian Thompson, a director with design studio Lat27, has been closely involved with the scheme and sees it as a huge plus for the precinct.

An urban designer and landscape architect, Mr Thompson says the area along Skyring Terrace between Ann Street and Macquarie Street is a missing link from an urban design perspective.

“What we’re after is to make good on the original master plan for the city going back many years,” he said.

“The aim is to create one of the great memorable, walkable precincts on the river in the city.

“The big picture is about having connected neighbourhoods where residents can wander through and leave their car at home,” he says.

“We want to create one of the city’s great sub-tropical boulevards but these things take time.”

Mr Thompson says another aim of the plan is to make the streets as safe as possible. “There’ll be so many people living there in the future, wandering around, going to new places for lunch or coffee and some of the intersections are a little hairy so prioritising pedestrian and cyclist movement at the key intersections is also part of it,” he says.

John Carfi, Mirvac’s Head of Residential, said the company had a long-standing involvement through the development of the Waterfront, Newstead, masterplan and was “here to drive the continued beautification and improvements to the Newstead Riverpark Precinct wherever we can.”

“We are extremely committed to ensuring the best outcomes are achieved not only in the short-term, but for the longevity of the area, and the Friends of Newstead Riverpark are here to achieve that,” Mr Carfi said.

Community asked to help power Engine Room site

COMMUNITY organisations and businesses are being invited to submit proposals to use the former riverfront Engine Room on Macquarie Street, Teneriffe.

This follows approval for the re-purposing of the site by the Planning and Environment Court.

Brisbane City Council Central Ward Councillor Vicki Howard said a Registration of Interest process began on 1 October.

Cr Howard told the Teneriffe Progress Association that she had asked council for this extra step in the approval process to allow unique proposals such as community partnerships with businesses and social enterprises to be considered.

“We will allow plenty of time for potential applicants to put their proposals to council,” she said.

Cr Howard urged local community organisations or local small business operators with an interest in the Engine Room to contact her so that she could connect them with the council officers assessing the proposals.

“The next step would be for council to proceed to a formal Request for Proposal which is part of the standard process for these types of buildings.

“I have already started discussions with organisations such as Footprints and the Submariners Association to see if they might like to be involved somehow in this operation,” she said

Cr Howard stressed the council listened to community concerns and said it had recently refused two development applications for Oxlade Drive in New Farm.

“There’s another application at Teneriffe for12 storeys and we’ve said no to the 12 storeys. We said to go back and have another look.

“If they don’t come back with something that fits within the rules, we’ll say no,” she said.

She defended council’s decision to approve the construction of three controversial towers on the former ABC riverfront site at Toowong as a positive outcome for the city.

“The person who bought that land could by rights under the state planning provision, the neighbourhood plan and the city plan, have built five 15 storey buildings on that block of land.

“That would have meant no one would see the river, no one would get to see historic Middenbury House on that site or the beautiful fig trees near the river.

“The three towers allow visuals and access to the river. I think it looks fabulous,” she said.

Cr Howard said she was comfortable with the pace of development in Central Ward but conceded that the empty retail outlets in some buildings were a cause for concern.

“It’s tough to get the right people in but council can’t interfere with private business. I think that the market does decide and it does take a little while sometimes to get there.

“I think that’s the problem. It doesn’t happen overnight. Council does not like to say you must, for example, put a bakery in there. It’s up to the person to look at the market and see what is available.

“Look at Emporium (retail complex). It’s gone through its ups and downs but it seems to be stable now. It’s about the business model. I don’t think we can be that prescriptive,” she said.

Councillor want to press the button before walking


Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Cr Vicki Howard and Cr David McLachlan at the Teneriffe Festival.

When new traffic lights at the Commercial Road – Vernon Terrace intersection become operational, Cr David McLachlan hopes to be on hand to press the button for the first light change.

It will be one of his last official acts as councillor for the district.

As councillor for the Hamilton Ward he has represented parts of Teneriffe, Newstead and Bowen Hills for almost 10 years, but will lose them under a forthcoming electoral redistribution.

“The traffic lights will be ready before those changes come into effect so hopefully I’ll be there when they are turned on,” he says.

Under the changes, these areas will form part of Central Ward. “The old boundaries were drawn for what were logical reasons many years ago and defined the area between the industrial-commercial area of the old wool stores, when they were wool stores, and the residential area,” he says.

“As they wool stores became residential, it led to some confusion. The area has obviously changed a lot in the 10 years that I’ve represented it and we’re still seeing significant change,” he says.

“The electoral commission is driven by voter numbers and it tries to keep each electorates and wards balanced. The magic number at the moment is about 29,000 so I was over quota. 

“Most boundaries follow natural breaks like creeks and rivers so that’s what we’re returning to,” Cr McLachlan says.

His lists his proudest achievement as making Teneriffe a public transport hub with the construction of the CityCat terminal and the introduction of the CityGlider bus service.

“That and being involved in the change in character from commercial wool stores to  residential uses,” he says.

The ongoing success of the Teneriffe Festival has also been one of the highlights of his involvement with the area.

“I’ve been engaged with the festival right from the start but it’s the residents and the business that have been the driving forces behind it.

“The council has been happy to provide financial support for it. 

What is pleasing about it is that while the dollar amount hasn’t changed that much from the start, the reliance on the council has diminished as it’s become more popular with sponsors.”

“It’s been wonderful to have had the opportunity to represent the area at City Hall. 

“It was our first home when we moved to Queensland in 2001. We lived here for a couple of years before we moved to where we now live at Hendra and will still spend some of our leisure time here. It’s a great area,” he says.

Boxing champ raises awareness

Jarrod Fletcher and 2 yo daughter MillaWORLD champion boxer Jarrod Fletcher and wife Krista are in the midst of the fight of their lives to raise awareness of a genetic condition their two-year-old daughter Milla was diagnosed with earlier this year.

Milla has Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) or 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, which is a genetic syndrome, and is so named because it is the result of a missing piece of genetic material in Chromosome 22 in the “q11” region. 

Jarrod has issued a public invitation to anyone who is willing to go toe-to-toe with him in one of 22 rounds at a special exhibition fight at a special VCFS Awareness Day on Saturday, 29 August. 

The event, 22 rounds for 22q, will be held from 12 noon at Phoenix Ellite – Home of Fortitude Boxing Gym, 12-14 Kyabra St, Newstead.

Krista says she is almost certain that Jarrod will be kind to anyone who is game enough to enter the ring and go up against her world champion husband in the name of charity.

“Jarrod will fight 22 rounds against anyone will to step in the ring with him for 60 seconds and try to wear him down,” Krista said. Krista believes it is crucial for every child who is misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all not to receive much-needed specialised treatments.

“It could mean the missing piece to a desperate parent’s struggle to find the reason behind their child’s challenges,” she said. 

“Too many medical professionals, educators and parents have never heard of this syndrome yet it is now just as popular as Downs Syndrome, the research results are scary.”

Support the event by coming dressed in Pink or Blue or both and bring your children, family and friends along for this great event with jumping castles, food and drinks available on the day.

If you can help by donating money, prizes for raffles, or would like to register for the fight, contact Krista on 0419 736 195. Follow the event on facebook – @22roundsfor22q